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Monday, April 5, 2010
their first lollipop ever!!

it was a day out without Abi i call it.we would want him around all the time but he is always busy..sadly.although Ummi is the busiest, but we will still find quality time together even for 1/2 hour like this one.actually it was Mak Su who wanted to snap some gorgeous photos of the that how u spell it? and not forgotten the tulips.Ummi ended up snapping this lovely pose of 2 spotty cuty lillies by the Regents Canal Of London.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009
feels like we're moving house..-abang
my house turns out to be very messy.with both girls are now in the stage of throwing and open-closing...hehhe, people said that if you have babies, you should not have a nice tidy house.YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO LET THEM PLAY AND EXPLORE.believe it or not, being naughty( like open the drawers and chuck everything out of it-that's what khadijah does) or making mess is part of children's development. and sadly...u have to let them do it.

my case here, is also part of my busy-ness / laziness.emm...u cannot say i am that lazy because me, i'm quite tidy but being a housewife, i have lots to do.especially when u r a responsible mum where you want to put your children needs first( some housewifes prefer the house to look tidy but they dont play with their kids, nor that they spend time making sure that your children is learning) well....i do.

then, imran comes with the idea of tidying up-developing the idea of changing our rooms.making the living room our bedroom and the bigger room to be family room.

hey look! up there is my beloved HOME- i call it. last year i went, told Ummi that i want red living room but she refused at last it became a REDdish living room like this.emm.ok for a nearly 70 years old wooden house like MY HOME.

(status: k- sleeping in sujuud position m-in the cradle i-zzzZZZzzzZZZ n-blogging+tidying up cant sleep mornings since fajar time is now 2.40 am, woken up at 4am and still awake and will be awake up to 11pm everyday...tough housewife i am!!)


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Friday, May 8, 2009

salam.dont know why but i ve been thinking of this matter for sometime:how are u, anyway?u know....ehmm..if i ever mentioned about my penpal- rachel when we were in smai.i sticked to her for about 4-5 years and then we stopped.last time i got her address since she's from england.tried to contact i sent her a turned out that....her dad phoned me one day( about 2 weeks ago, he goes...hi can i speak to nurul said.i am rachel's father.i read your letter but i afraid that i cannot pass the letter to her.(his voice starts to shiver, as he says...)unfortunately, rachel died 9 years ago..(some date in february 2000).she had leukemia.i was speachless and suddenly my mind was blank.well, i hope you will have a good life( does he mean that is because rachel can't!!...oh so so so sad i start to feel)the only thing i remember came out of my mmouth was, owh, she was a wonderful person.then...a very dark cloud start to crawl in me slowly.although i am too busy with my daily stuff, i still feel the sadness now and then.why?i wanted to meet her so much.sometimes or evrytime i come across a white english lady, my age, i thought that..rachel must've grown to be like this lady.could she be married now?has she still got that innocent look of a fresh country girl living in a proper christian is too's very weird that i still cant get it over as the sadness is increasing day by it that i felt guilty of raising rachel's memory in her family? after 9 long years...i was asking myself why this should happen? why do i behave like this? maybe because i thought all these 9 years that she is still alive, i had been wondering that she might be married now, or lived abroad.i dont's just a blank kind of feeling plus a lot of frustration plus dont know what next....(sighed...long one)still not done, adnin...i thought it will be done after i told you this.after lots of deep concentrated thinking.i think rachel's death has something to do with MY CHILDHOOD.receiving and reading and replying her letters are a very interesting part of imagination of sitting next to her and laugh about our stories...vanished suddenly.and so...leaving my childhood memories..a big hole in the middle.i wish...if only i could....-rachel's long lost pen pal( that's waT i wrote at the back of MY LAST LETTER TO DEAREST RACHEL)NOR'RUL
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Saturday, March 28, 2009
down....very down.
nak masak ni.....hehhhe.dah 4 hari tak masak.i had very baaaad days last week.driving was the worst thing happened.Allah help me...ameen.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

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at 2 years 3 months
discharged from dr hird clinic yesterday and feeling sad coz we cant see him as much.khadijah is 8.1kg.78 cm.can sit and with support.can sitdown by herself . can also write a scriblly letter but holding a pen NICELY!!
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double trouble
maryam fell down on the floor from satnding, 3 times today.all she knows are just stand and i have to teach her to sit?
khadijah, has been eating well today, a slice of toast with butter and sugar(coz doctor said that fatty food are good for her!!) and 11am lunch- chicken and sweetcorn, and then 1 hour later banana and icecream(crazyness) and then a bottle of milk, lastly just now before she went out with abi-she had 3 spoons of far 8.1kg only!!
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i'm siti nurhafizah & currently staying in london with my husband and my two daughters khadijah and maryam

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